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The most complex massage chair on the market now in Ireland too. Innovative, last generation technologies.

Technology and Innovations:
1. Patented 4D Massage System with 8 massage rollers
2. Ceramic roller heating and Multilayer massage pillows
3. Zero Gravity System, S Shape, L Shape – L-type Rail
4. Slide system – The chair can be placed only 8 cm from the wall
5. Intelligent Bluetooth Control. Gift – Tablet
6. Bionic scan and BOWEN massage therapy

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The fundamental innovation of the Dominus massage chair is based on the Chinese Traditional Medicine principles theory according to which the stimulation of the human body’s 12 meridians improves blood circulation and activates the body’s functions in order to achieve a harmonious balance between Yin and Yang.
Coordination between Yin and Yang is crucial to the health of the human body and also, mantaining a state of equilibrium, decreases the risk of disease.

The new 4D massage system provides a better, more accurate deeper massage experience.

Based on the 3D massage system, the new Dominus develops 4D technology that provides a complex full body massage experience. By observing the body’s natural curve, the new L-shaped mechanism with adjustable angle, provides an accurate massage, eliminating the disadvantages of the previous 3D model, that couldn’t offer a flat lying position, neither stretching.

The holographic system makes the massage more comfortable

With a complex system of airbags simulating the palms of a professional massager, Dominus provides a delicate and soft air pressure massage on the shoulder, waist, calf and feet, promoting the blood circulation, relaxing the muscles and joints and eliminating fatigue.

Acupoint and pulse tracking makes the massage more accurate

The massage chair uses an intelligent bionic detection system for scanning the body to detect the neck, shoulder, back, waist and buttock, to provide a suitable massage experience for users of different heights.

The intelligent sliding forward technology saves space by keeping only 8 cm from the wall

This sliding function helps saving space in your home, allowing the chair to slide forward automatically after switching on, without touching the wall.

Heating massage roller – the best experience for cold season

Dominus uses pioneering heating massage roller technology that recreates the calming experience of a Jade stone treatment. It combines the effects of a professional massage with relaxing heat, promoting blood circulation and eliminating fatigue effectively.
(Patent number of the heating massage device: ZL 2014 1 0330384.3)

Relaxing and comfortable Stretch Massage

The Dominus is endowed with Thai massage techniques which stretch the whole body, so that the back muscles and ligaments get completely relaxed, relieving fatigue more effectively.
The new cloud airbag massage technique is based on the human body engineering theory. The connection between waist and buttocks can provide the stretch function by air pressure, helping to twist the waist and to relax the muscles. The 4D massage machine pushes the body when it activates the air bags upon the shoulders, having a breast-stretching effect and alleviating the tension in the spine.

The Zero Gravity function improves sleep quality

Through the synchronization of the backrest, seat, and legrest by a multi-angle changeable module, the massage chair offers the user the best zero gravity massage experience.


Zero Gravity is achieved when your body is in the most natural, relaxed and equilibrated position, when your feet are above your body at an angle of approximately 128 degrees. In this position the bodily functions work best. The Zero Gravity function creates a a completely relaxed, natural, and comfortable massage posture, which reduces heart and spine pressure, and increases the blood and oxygen supply to the brain, ultimately improving sleep quality and eliminating fatigue.
Based on NASA’s Zero Gravity theory and on the fundamental principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Rokol created the most comfortable Zero Gravity massage position.

New curved rail provides synchronization of back and buttocks

The Dominus uses the 4D curved rail technology which, in combination with the patented 4D massage mechanical core, offers a multi-angle integrated massage for your back and buttocks. This technology is a breakthrough, in that it exceeds the capabilities of the traditional L-shaped rail (which cannot achieve the lying flat and stretching functions), achieving a better massage effect. Thus you can enjoy the most comfortable and efficient massage. (Multi-angle and long curved rail patent no.: ZL 201410019379.0)

At Rokol we have the pioneering L-shaped rail and the multi-angle integrated massage for back and buttocks. The L-shaped mechanism provides in-depth massage, observing the body’s S-shaped curve. The mechanical core can reach the lower part of the buttocks and thighs. The curved rail matches the human body perfectly, which results in an accurate massage that stimulates the acupoints on the back, relieves fatigue, and helps the users recover their physical and mental fitness.

Master technique. A more professional massage experience

The Dominus applies the Chinese medicine massage patent, based on the fast reversal technique and besides the modes of kneading, knocking, tapping and shiatsu, this technique adds the special function of foot kneading and back rubbing, by which a more exquisite and comfortable massage is achieved.

Using the fast reversal technology, the Dominus provides the most comfortable massage.
Massage types: kneading, knocking, pressure, tapping, kneading and knocking, rolling, stretching, finger kneading, Shiatsu, back rubbing with fast reversal.

Massage therapy to the music. Complete relaxation and relieving of daily stress

The Dominus is equipped with two high-quality loudspeakers placed on the upper part of the chair, which allow MP3 music playback via Bluetooth. Practically, the chair can provide a personalized massage according to the music you are listening to, helping you to eliminate fatigue and to relax your mind and body.


Personalized intelligent control – you now get a 7-inches tablet as a gift

Dominus can be controlled via Bluetooth by any tablet or smartphone – using the free Rokol app for Android and iOS.

Control Panel and operating system

Overall automatic massage. The operating system includes 15 massage programs, created with the help of professional massage therapists.
Section automatic massage. It is convenient for the user to select the desired massage technique, but also the body part where they want to be massaged. Thus you can select a separate massage for the neck, waist, upper body or lower body.
Manual adjustment. There is also a manual adjustment of the massage programs, of the massage speed and technique. The user can use the desired settings to get a personalized massage, according to his state of mind and his preferences.
Massage duration. You can also set the massage duration, the intensity and the massage area to obtain the desired effect.

The chair simulates the hands of a professional massage therapist. A more delicate and more comfortable massage.

Dominus creates an ergonomic massage concept, connecting the armrest and the backrest for enhanced comfort during the massage session.
Dominus uses space capsule-type armrest and air bags embedded into a special dotted surface.
Thus, a very good massage is provided to the user’s arms, receiving a great massage in any chair position.

Important. The legrest is designed with an independent control capability in order to suit individual intensity needs, and provides a customized massage to suit different massage requirements.

First class quality. Strict inspection ensures reliable quality

The Dominus is made of highest quality materials, the inner frame uses high quality steel and the most advanced phosphating/ electrostatic spraying technology. For example, the frame is designed to have a life span of 50 years. Each individual part is checked under the strictest production standards. There are 5 major categories which comprise over 169 quality inspection procedures for each massage chair. Our pursuit of perfection in quality has one goal: to offer our consumers the perfect experience.

Creative technology, relaxation and confort. Quality materials and first class components

Antibacterial ecologic leather is made from a very resistant special material, with a very smooth and pleasant surface. This guarantees a comfortable and healthy experience at the same time.
Super-silent operation. The massage chairs use imported motors of reliable quality, characterized by a lower noise and a longer life. The noise level is below 50 dB during operation, which is lower than the 60 dB national standard, so you can conveniently enjoy your massage while talking on the phone or watching TV.
Saving energy. The Dominus massage chair has a low energy consumption, 240W in power mode and only 1W during standby mode. The electric motor, the valves and the air pumps use only 24V for the user’s safety.

Professionalism and innovations. 30 years of pioneering in the massage chair field

Rokol is part of the Kangtay Group and is the first massage chair company with a history of over 30 years. 30 years ago Rokol produced the first massage chair in Zhaoyuan. Since then Rokol focused on innovating and producing massage systems. It implemented a key national program named Program 863: the traditional chinese medical massage robot. Since 2001, Rokol cooperated with Panasonic, developing the newest massage technologies and today it has a strong strategic partnership with LG Electronics.

Product Specifications

Product type: Massage Chair
Model: RK8900
Price: €9000 €6000
Special offer: while stock lasts €5300
Promo: Visit our showroom and get an extra discount
Power: 240W
Input voltage: AC120V – 60Hz
AC220-240V – 50/60Hz
Dimensions: upright size: 160 x 82 x 127cm
reclined size: 190 x 82 x 92cm
Material: High quality ecological leather fabric
Colour: Beige
Safety design: Class I
Accessories included: 7-inch Tablet
User's Manual
Functions: Heating function: using pioneering heating massage roller technology invented by Panasonic
Zero Gravity function: realizing the best zero gravity massage experience
L-shape rail: provides multi angle massage for back and buttocks
S-shape rail: follows body's natural curve
Sliding forward function
Full body airbag surrounding massage
Sliding function for legrest: legrest can extend and retract automatically
Auto massage function and manual massage function
Width and speed function (only in manual mode)
Massage intensity
Music function
Massage types: Back massage with 8 rollers: kneading/knocking/pressing/tapping/knead&knock/rolling/stretch/finger knead and back rubbing
Massage with airbags
Foot roller massage
Stretch massage
Whole body massage
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