Why choose a Masatto massage chair?

We present some of the services we offer to our customers.

Enjoy a full body massage at home.

Bellatrix combines user scanning technology with the therapeutic capabilities of Zero Gravity mode to provide a realistic and complete massage. Enjoy the sensation of multi-dimensional massage hands that work simultaneously with the air cushions to relieve pain and reduce your stress.

1. Zero Gravity Mode 

  • reduces the pressure on the spine and gives the feeling of floating.

2. 3D Massage

  • offers the best relaxation, being customizable according to preferences

3. Heated Massage

  • helps to relax the muscles, allowing the massage rollers to penetrate deeper and thus manages to drive away the deepest pain

4. Extensive massage area

  • the 126 cm rail allows a complete massage, acting from the cervical area to the buttocks

5. More massage, less space occupied

  • thanks to Zero Space technology it is necessary for the massage chair to be installed at a distance of only 10cm from the wall for everything to work perfectly

6. Roles for reflexology

  • the embossed rollers act simultaneously with the air cushions, offering a massage focused on the main reflexogenic centers of the feet.

What is scanning L technology?

This technology involves a long, L-shaped curved rail that follows the contour of the spine and provides complete coverage for a more comprehensive massage.

Bellatrix is ​​designed with an independent set of rollers that ensures a constant and personalized kneading in the neck and shoulders area. The massage rollers can be adjusted manually according to your preferences and can be used in combination with the heat function, thus offering the benefits of a deep massage in the upper body.

What is Zero Gravity?

The Zero Gravity function allows the seat to sit in a horizontal position where the legs are raised above the level of the heart, which helps relieve stress and gives a feeling of weightlessness.

Zero Gravity mode is the best position to take the pressure off your back and spine and relieve you of pain.

From the top of your head, down your neck and shoulders, to your buttocks and legs, the armchair design offers a professional massage to relax your whole body.


It is necessary a distance of only 10 cm between the back of the chair and the wall so that you can enjoy a complete massage and at the same time more free space in the room.


Bellatrix offers a heat massage function using graphene, which is the best conductor of electricity and heat known. This type of massage aims to relieve muscle pain and improve the user’s massage experience.


Choose your favourite color of the lighting LEDs, customize the look of this armchair and create an even more pleasant ambiance during the massage, especially if you choose to relax in a darker environment.

Bluetooth Surround Sound

Whether you want to meditate or listen to your favourite music, add another dimension to your massage.


The massage chair massage mechanism mimics the human movements of a traditional masseur, offering an authentic experience, using different methods and combinations of massage techniques:
kneading, tapping, beating, shiatsu, rubbing.


The air cushions work in sync with the rollers specially designed for massaging major reflex points, thus providing pain or discomfort relief and improving local circulation.

34 air cushins

They all work simultaneously with smart massage rollers to give you the best massage experience possible.

Enjoy the massage with air cushions placed around the body to apply compression on the arms, shoulders, back, hips and legs. Bellatrix feels like a real masseur and gives you a complete massage that will relieve your pain, reduce stress and allow you to return to your best mood.

2 air cushions for SHOULDERS

4 air cushions for BACK and WAIST

2 air cushions for SITTING

12 air cushions for ARMS and HANDS

6 air cushions for LEGS

8 air cushions for FEET

Full body massage at a press of a button

Control your massage with its intuitive and easy-to-use interface. With the stylish design and simple functionality of the remote control, you can adapt each element of your massage as you like. You can also charge the remote control or phone directly from the dedicated USB port, while enjoying the ultimate massage.



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