The 12 energetic meridians of the body – the massage with Maia, for a deep activation

In order to understand how massages work, how they act on the body and how they help you regain energy balance, it is necessary to know more details about the 12 energy meridians, about how energy flows in the body. For example, for their efficient massage, the Maia armchair has in mind a professional organization of the techniques, and the logistical assistance in this case is the one that makes it possible to select the points in the body that can remove anyenergy imbalance that exists.

Of course, the energy network is particularly complex, including both primary and secondary meridians, along with deep organs. In any case, you need to know about the 12 main meridians that make up the most important channel energy system in the body. Practically, their function is correlated with all the secondary ones.

There is a certain relationship by which each meridian is characterized in Yang and Yin – representing Energy and Blood. The action of the first concerns the psychic and nervous activity, while the second mainly affects the physical activity. Surely you have heard about the various acupuncture techniques that can stimulate the main meridians, techniques such asstinging or stimulating the points. However, we will not delve into this topic, about which you will find relevant information in various specialized sources. We will continue to focus on the armchair Maia , respectively the action opposite the 12 energy meridians.

Maia’s massage and its effects on the 12 meridians

Maia is an ultra-performing armchair that you can find in our showrooms – and in the one recently opened in Bucharest. It is a robotic model, with heating, precious and precise, which performs pretentious and delicate massages. You can read in our online store about the functions and techniques it incorporates and what makes this armchair special. It is one of the 3 launched under the Masatto umbrella – along with Thai and Divina – which is highlighted by unique concepts.

About the effects of massages performed with Maia, everyone will conclude that they include an effective release of pain and tension accumulated in the body, but not anyway – but complex, pleasant, in a delicate, careful and responsible way for the well-being of the beneficiary. / p>

How does Maia act on energy points? Well, the chair is based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, which it follows exactly. It effectively massages the body along its 12 meridians, in order to promote improved blood circulation. An obvious effect of his massages is the success with which he restores the Yin-Yang balance, which is said to be life-giving.

The spine has a multitude of nerves along it, in which tension is stored, thus appearing fatigue and stiffness, pain as well. Here Maia intervenes with the massage performed with pressure on the length of the spine, through frequent, long and very precise kneading techniques. Its effects are felt even more at the level of the cervical area, which post-massage feels detached, relaxed.

How is the pain released in this case? Maia has been designed in such a way that there is a perfect synchronization in terms of massaging the back, legs andseat. We mention here about the multiangle mode, cumulated with the heating function. The effect? The painful areas calm down, the symptoms improve, leaving the place of a special state of relaxation. There are people who feel so calm that they fall asleep during or immediately after such a massage.

Are you tempted to experience this condition? We are waiting for you with a test in our showrooms! Maia is the massage chair that managed to relax and rebalance the energy in the body, through an effective stimulation of the 12 meridians found throughout the body.