How massage helps you in everyday life

Welcome to the world of relaxation!

It is an exhortation that Masatto’s massage chairs suggest. Each type of armchair is an ingenuity combined with the latest technology. Masatto has created a luxury range, a modern range of massage chairs. Whatever the choice, be sure that the experience during a massage session means relaxation and relief.

We set out to concretely point out how and when massage helps you. Unfortunately, we can only set aside time for ourselves when there are already warning signs – constant fatigue, pain, tense, tense muscles, etc.

Massage after or before driving hours

Studies show that driver fatigue is one of the most common causes of accidents. We are not just talking about the need to sleep, but to keep under controland stress or back pain. Staying at a traffic light, long driving hours, day or night can mean the need for a massage.

Benefits – improves circulation, relieves pain, relieves stress.

Target points – cervical and lumbar area.

Massage after a day of work

Whether we are talking about physical or mental work, an activity that involves movement, standing or not, a day’s work means good hours in which you have to perform. Obviously, when the program ends you already feel pain, fatigue, etc. Clearly you need a massage .

Benefits – restores dynamism, more mobility and energy, calms, improves circulation. As proof, you sleep better or you are even more energetic to continue the day with many other activities.

Target points – legs where a lot of tension accumulates, with a tendency to swell, especially the cervical and lumbar area.

Massage for those who spend hours sitting in front of the laptop

Specialists often talk about the correct position in front of the laptop, the screens in general, about the recommended distances. But the body tends to get very close, to stay as relaxed as possible. Stand cross-legged, although an elegant position, not at all favorable for peripheral circulation. Sit with your shoulders down, so the pain in your neck and back at the top is felt quite often. This leads to accumulated tension, headaches that turn and worsen into migraines.

Target points – cervical area and legs, arms as well.

Benefits – massage will soothe pain, relax and relieve muscle contractions. The headache will be automatically relieved.

What you don’t see, but it’s definitely beneficial – did you know that after a massage you have an improved mood? Endorphins will be partially responsible, so to speak, responsible for the state of euphoria, happiness. Endorphins are stimulated when we practice sports or when the body is massaged completely, in the correct position, as it happens due to the functions in the Masatto massage chairs. Endorphins will keep anxiety and depression at bay.

It can be said, more simply, that massages are clearly beneficial for the body, at any time of the day. There are chain effects when we are stressed or tired, but it is certain that the benefits of massage are commensurate. From a state of well-being to less or no pain, from more energy to improved rest, you actually feel like a different person!

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