Divina – an armchair for two: for home and office

We present a massage chair that you will love for its complexity. Unlike the models launched up to Divina, we were talking about a single massage mechanism. Here is a first detail that turns this massage chair into a must have – it comes with two 3D mechanisms.

Anyone who has benefited from a relaxation session in such a modern device, currently the best in the world – knows the feeling of detachment from all that onegives. A plus of the Divina armchair is that it targets the entire length of the body, starting from the head to the thighs. It basically offers a unique massage experience, due to the overlapping on a length of 300 mm of the two mechanisms, targeting the lumbar area and the buttocks.

We invite you to read on to discover more about the Divine and the features of a unique armchair, which incorporates the latest technologies, successfully adapted to any body conformation.

Divine, for home and office

The armchair is an experience of luxury, but not of what is a fad, but a necessity. We are talking about a practical solution for relaxation, performance and intelligence, which addresses all those who are willing to pay a substantial amount of money, according to the performance achieved.

We emphasize on every occasion how important it is to take care of your personal health and even more so if you have a sedentary lifestyle. When the job involves working in the office, the care for the maintenance of a healthy, toned body should be even more accentuated.

The impact that sitting has on the spine is also the reason why so many problems occur at its level. With the help of professional massages performed with Divine , every day of work is more energetic, more detached. Such a massage successfully relaxes the spine, giving it support, mobility and protection. Here is just one reason why you will want such an armchair in the office.

The vitality felt in every part of the body is the demonstration that massages have the desired effects, that they work. Our armchair was designed for this purpose in mind, to have that state of relaxation that makes you exclaim OHH!

A successful combination of biology and technology

Inspired by human biology and complemented by state-of-the-art, revolutionary technology, this armchair is our invitation for you to relax and luxury. Relaxury is the formula that can free you from the tension, stress, pressure that everyone is facing today.

We can say that Divina revolutionizes the current technologies incorporated by massage chairs, differing by the excellence with which it enhances the part of the body called fascia , on which it adapts, thus restoring the desired vitality and flexibility. You need to know that it plays an important role in the body, being the environment in which muscles, bones, nerves and all body organs are held together. It’s good to know that she’s the one keeping us in shape.

By referring to these aspects related to human nature, we gave birth to the armchair that reattaches practically every particle in the body, ensuring the vitality and elasticity of this coating.

The great advantage of this armchair is that it is the ideal partner for a perfect relationship. To be in harmony, you must not give up anything that characterizes you. You need free time invested in massage sessions, time that everyone gives to their life partner.

The Divine is also an opportunity to experience the massage position in a state felt only by astronauts, an experience that is not given to anyone to have it. Unlike other models, it is found exclusively at Masatto in Europe. For those who want to experience a meeting, a trip in this regard will be a worthwhile investment and even more so if it results in the purchase of the chair.

Read more about the technologies that come with this model, but also other information that may be the motivation to decide on such a massage chair suitable for both home and office.