A revolution in the technology of relaxation and therapy due to the function of monitoring and displaying information related to the user’s health in real time.

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Deep Space

Why should you choose a Masatto massage chair?

We present only some of the services we offer to our customers.

Enjoy a full body massage at your own home

Dominus Med combines SL scanning technology with the therapeutic capabilities of Zero Gravity mode to provide a realistic and complete massage. Enjoy the sensation of multi-dimensional massage hands that work simultaneously with the air cushions to relieve pain and reduce your stress.

1. Zero Gravity Module
– reduces the pressure on the spine and gives the feeling of floating.
2. 4D massage
– offers the best relaxation, being customizable according to preferences
3. Heated massage
– helps to relax the muscles, allowing the massage rollers to penetrate deeper and thus manages to drive away the deepest pain
4. Smart scanning
– automatically detects the size and shape of the user’s body, thus offering a personalized massage
5. Extended massage area
– 89cm rail allows a complete massage, acting from the cervical area to the buttocks
6. More massage, less space occupied
– thanks to Micro Space technology the armchair can be installed a short distance from the wall so that everything works perfectly
7. Roles for reflexology
– the embossed rollers act simultaneously with the air cushions, offering a massage focused on the main reflexogenic centers of the feet

What is a S-L scanning?

This technology involves a long, curved SL-shaped rail that follows the contour of the spine and provides complete coverage for a more comprehensive massage.

Dominus Med is designed with an independent set of rollers that ensure a constant and personalized kneading in the neck and shoulder area. The massage rollers can be adjusted manually according to your preferences and can be used in combination with the heat function, thus offering the benefits of a deep massage in the upper body.

What is Zero Gravity?

The Zero Gravity function allows the seat to sit in a horizontal position where the legs are raised above the level of the heart, which helps relieve stress and gives a feeling of weightlessness.
Zero Gravity mode is the best position to take the pressure off your back and spine and relieve your pain.

From the top of the head, down to the neck and shoulders, to the buttocks and legs, the armchair design offers a professional massage to relax your whole body.

Dominus Med uses a patented physiological system that has the ability to monitor in real time the pulse, the level of oxygen saturation of the blood and the micro circulation. All information about your health will be displayed on the tablet with a generous 7 “screen.
Dominus Med offers a foot massage aimed at reducing muscle and joint pain and improving blood circulation. Give your feet the treatment they deserve and pamper yourself with a complete foot massage.


Use adjustable hand and arm air cushions to fully relax and invigorate your arms and toes. Air cushions are designed to swell around the body’s natural shape, relieving tension and improving blood flow and circulation.

Dominus Med uses one of the most modern 4D massage mechanisms, being able to perform complex relaxation techniques or therapy.
Dominus Med evaluates various parameters during the massage and displays accurate information about the user’s health without any effort on his part.
Dominus Med offers a sole massage function using state-of-the-art technology with 360 ° heating, in order to relieve muscle pain and improve the massage experience.

Bluetooth Surround Sound

Whether you want to meditate or listen to your favorite music, add another dimension to your massage.

68 air cushions

They all work simultaneously with smart massage rollers to give you the best massage experience possible.

The user can set:
  • Massage Speed ​​(5 levels)
  • Massage width (3 levels)
  • Massage intensity (5 levels)
  • Massage Depth (4D)

Enjoy the massage with air cushions placed around your body to apply compression on your arms, shoulders, back, hips and legs. Dominus Med feels like a real masseur and gives you a complete massage that will relieve pain, reduce stress and allow you to return to your best mood.

Complete massage at a press of a button

Control your massage with its intuitive and easy-to-use interface. With the sleek design and simple functionality of the tablet, you can tailor every element of your massage to your liking.

Fast command controls

Always have control with the control panel. It is located on the arm of the chair and allows you to turn the armchair on or off, move through the automatic massage programs and easily adjust the inclination of the massage chair.



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