Massage chair for a full massage. Perfect design for apartment or office.

Technologies and innovations:

  1. The patented 3D roller roller massage system scans and fits your body shape and height perfectly.
  2. The Zero Gravity system with L-type rail brings the body to the zero gravity position, therapeutically recommended. The rail sits perfectly on the curvature of the spine and allows massage on a long trajectory.
  3. The back heating system facilitates muscle relaxation.
  4. High-performance foot massage rolls reflexively stimulates the corresponding nerve centers of internal organs.
  5. The "Slide" system optimizes the occupied space up to a distance of 8 cm from the wall.
  6. The Bluetooth-controlled sound system accompanies your massage with your favorite music.

Warranty up to 5 years I Free delivery

  • Beige-Brown
  • Black-Brown