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5 sure signs that you have entered
Relaxury, the world of the state of “ohh ….”

If you want performance in what you do, learn with Divina to be a master in relaxation.

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Divina by Masatto

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is our pleasure to answer all your questions. If you can’t find your concern here, get in touch with us.

What does RELAXURY mean?

Sometimes, when a product brings something revolutionary, very rarely, of course, a new category appears. The Divine brought such a category: luxury in relaxation. Relaxury.

How do I know which chair is the best for me?

A very good question. All armchairs are designed to bring relaxation and well-being. We advise you to come and try it in the showroom and see which one satisfies you.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes. We have interest-free financing plans with several banks in Romania. We find solutions to make your dream of relaxing at home, whenever you want, come true.

I want back massage, no foot massage?

It’s simple. With a single push of a button on the remote control or a selection from the menu. You can just as easily choose a massage in the cervical area, for example.

I weigh over 100 kg. Can I fit in the armchair?

Yes. Decided. The armchair is designed for constitutions up to 140kg and heights up to 2m. It offers only relaxation, not judgment.

How does delivery work?

We bring it. At the appointed time we ring the doorbell. We install it, do a short preparation and leave with the packaging. We don’t give you a job. Just relaxing. A! And it’s free, anywhere in Romania.

So how do I get into the world of RELAXURY

Soon, very soon, you will receive a call from us. Tell us when you want to come to the showroom to try the chair. Or if you are already determined, order your own and personal Divine directly. The rest is our business.