Timea and Andrei Frona

– Founders Masatto –




We are Masatto!

When we set off in 2013, that’s exactly what we wanted to offer you. Mornings in which you wake up free to move after a restful sleep. Your favorite place to watch series, while capable “hands” make the stress of the day go away and more productivity during the day because now your brain is oxygenating better.

The massage chair that suits you can do all this. We looked for the best producers we work closely with. All of our models are customized and adapted and the star models, of the latest technology, you will find only with us because we are the only accredited distributors.

We have showrooms in Romania, Hungary, Italy and Republic of Ireland and we are growing.

MASATTO is a company that has been performing on the market for more than 8 years and produces under its own brand, sells and distributes professional massage chairs.

MASATTO is a trend setter in terms of innovation in Europe and constantly holds the latest and most revolutionary technologies in the massage chair segment.

Emi and Edgar Terschanszki

– Partners Masatto Ireland –

Identity of the MASATTO brand

The logo is our vision of well-being. Through the massage chair and the premium services offered, we support and encourage a balanced, healthy lifestyle. The massage chair associated with a human hand has a double meaning: the chair is a high-tech equipment that reproduces the massage made by the therapist’s hands, and the services offered by Masatto are designed with maximum focus on our client, who must receive equally pleasant services. , relaxing and handy, as well as the massage offered by the armchair.
The slogan “a way of life” reflects our desire to promote and draw attention to a healthier, more beautiful, more harmonious lifestyle, with less stress in mind, soul and body.

Values of MASATTO


Massage is the core of the business. Our mission is the spread of information about the benefits of a massage that improves your mental and physical well-being.

A bove and beyond

Nothing is to much for us. We will do whatever it takes to satisfy our customers.


Nothing is a better reward then seeing our customer happy, smiling and satisfied with there investment.

A uthenticity

We know where we started and as our logo says Masatto is a way of life but also your are in good hands. Nothing will change that.


Your trust is very important for us and we cherish it as it’s our basic value of our business. 


We would like to transform the concept of a massage chair as an object/expense to the idea of an investment for your health.


Our  experienced and specialised team is always there for you.

You are in good hands.

The MASATTO team has developed and promoted a mentality according to which:

  • health is a state of physical, mental and social well-being
  • regular massage brings a feeling of well-being
  • well-being and massage must be available to anyone, anywhere, anytime