Why visit our showroom?

We have a showroom where you can try the chair to make sure you are happy with your investment and make the decision by the performance, design of the chair and not by a description and picture on a website.
We also recommend the showroom because some chairs seem very similar based on their description, but when you come to the showroom and try them you can feel the difference.
We have a special offer for all showroom visitors, you will get a €200 discount in case of a purchase.

When can I visit the showroom?

You just have to give us a call and make a free appointment, so it’s really up to you. We are available weekdays, weekend, mornings and evenings as well.

Do I have to buy a chair if I visit the showroom?

No you don’t have to. We would happily show you the chair to try them and you can decide later

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