The 12 energetic meridians of the body – the massage with Maia, for a deep activation

In order to understand how massages work, how they act on the body and how they help you regain energy balance, it is necessary to know more details about the 12 energy meridians, about how energy flows in the body. For example, for their efficient massage, the Maia armchair has in mind a professional organization […]

How massage helps you in everyday life

Welcome to the world of relaxation! It is an exhortation that Masatto’s massage chairs suggest. Each type of armchair is an ingenuity combined with the latest technology. Masatto has created a luxury range, a modern range of massage chairs. Whatever the choice, be sure that the experience during a massage session means relaxation and relief. […]

Massage in old age or how to enjoy life with more energy

The elderly can suffer from various diseases, conditions that are complicated by age. There are chain reactions that deprive them of freedom of movement, of energy, of an active life. Undoubtedly, massages can restore well-being, can reduce physical pain, so they are recommended for users of any age. The benefits of massages, massage sessions as […]