You can pay for your massage chair in any of these ways:

In the showroom, it is our mission
to give you all the information to choose the most suitable massage chair for you.
Then to make you the best offer.

What does best price quatanteed mean?

It means that we want to offer you an impeccable service that exceeds your expectations: a massage chair in which you can fully relax, delivered free and punctual, with warranty and service for up to 5 years. In order for the package to be complete, we have also included a financing solution adapted to your needs. Our colleagues in the showroom will make you a personalized offer.

0% commission instalment option:

With credit cards you have the option to pay fixed monthly instalments with 0% commission.

How the “Interest-free instalments” work:


  1. After the customer has decided for the monthly instalment payment and the period of the instalment than a link will be sent to the customer with the instalment details.
  2. In the same link the customer has to fill in the credit card details from which the monthly instalment will be deducted.
  3. Customer will have the details of the instalments and the support from Masatto Limited and Splitit who looks after the instalments.

Deliver fast, free and punctual anywhere in Ireland.

Masatto Limited offers fast delivery anywhere in Ireland, for the entire range of massage chairs available in stock.

If we have the stock and availability, we deliver even on the same day. Order in the morning and there are great chances to have the chair at home in the evening, ready for the first massage session. In the rest of the country, we deliver in a few days. We knock on the door just as we promised.

The delivered products are always accompanied by an invoice, warranty certificate and instalment certificate.


Delivery methods for your order

From our customers

“Body massage is absolutely sensational, restful, relaxing and the back pain disappears.

Fast delivery and punctuality (on time).

The delivery and assembly team are super-professional, kind but most importantly, they work clean, neat, they take the packaging of the massage chair, you practically only have to do the massage! ”


In love with Polaris by Masatto


“It’s exactly what I needed. A good price and the quality of the massage is very good.

For a year I was undecided about buying a massage chair. I received the best advice at Masatto,  explained the differences between several products and I decided.

Even after delivery, I was contacted to make sure everything was fine.

I liked that. Quality service – I  really recommend them. ”

Robert from Kildare

Happy with Zeta


“Thank you very much for your help when I chose to buy Vega massage chair. From start to finish, I listened to your advice, which led me to choose this model.

The chair was delivered quickly and exactly as agreed.

I enjoyed working with you and I would never hesitate to recommend you to my friends. Recommend! It’s worth all the money. ”

Dl. Peacock from Cork

Delighted with Vega