1. A product other than the one requested was delivered to you.

Notify us as soon as possible immediately .

You can request a return of the product for replacement or a full refund, within 24 hours .

Return and shipping costs for the returned or replaced product are paid by in this case by Masatto Limited .

2. You give up buying without a reason.

In order to exercise your right of withdrawal, you must inform us of your decision to withdraw from this contract, using an unequivocal statement sent by e-mail to [email protected].

Return and shipping costs for the returned product are borne by the buyer , meaning you are reimbursed.

Replacing products or returning money, without giving a reason, is done only under the following conditions:

* If the product has a seal , it must not be undone – the product must be returned sealed, with no traces of use and all accompanying documents ( invoice, guarantee certificates, etc.);

* The condition of the purchased products must be the same as when they were purchased / received, including the packaging, foils, sealing cords must be kept intact .

Refund of the value of the product or, as the case may be, replacement , will be made within 30 days of return.

In case of return:

For orders paid by card, the amount will be refunded to the same account used for trading or to another account within a maximum of 30 days of accepting the return (less round-trip shipping fees and commissions related to payment by card).

Upon return, the product will be verified to be complete (packaging and accessories) and will be evaluated from an aesthetic and technical point of view.

If the product is returned in a condition that can no longer be sold as new, Masatto Limited has the right to charge a fee for the return to the initial stage (if possible) or to cover the price difference resulting from selling the product as second-hand.

If the value proposed by Masatto is considered too small, then, at the customer’s option, the product can be resent to the customer at his expense.

Repeated disclaimer may be considered abuse.