But first of all, here’s what we want to know about warranty …

We bring to Ireland the most famous brands of massage chairs sold on the markets of United States of America , Australia , Europe , Russia , and Orient .

We choose and customise our products not only according to the quality and complexity of the massage functions, but also according to the increased reliability and quality of the materials incorporated.

Massage chairs from manufacturers Panasonic, Inada, Sanyo, iRest, Rokol, Human Touch have an average lifespan of 7-10 years .

Professional massage chairs have been present on the Irish market for 3 years and so far service interventions have been insignificant .

2 year warranty

Your warranty begins with all installation services, proper installation by our specialized team and advice on use.
For any question, revision or intervention, we go to your home, we find, we intervene immediately or later with pieces of exchange.

3 year post warranty

We guarantee that at any time for 3 years after the expiration of the standard premium warranty, even if you make a mistake in using the chair, we come to stay at home and intervene as soon as possible, in the same week, for repairs for a fee.

For any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Free testing in our showroom

Visit our showroom in Dublin. Come try our chairs with zero commitment on your part.


Free delivery

Don’t worry about how the chair gets to your home. Our team delivers it anywhere in Ireland. On any floor.

Free installation and recommendation

Upon delivery, we unpack, install, show you how to use the chair and leave with all the packaging. All you have to do is have a massage afterwords.

Customer service after purchase

We are here for any questions, fixes or changes and long after the warranty period. Even if you move and need logistical support.

Trade in

Are you thinking of upgrading your old massage chair? No problem ask for our special trade in offer HERE.