Excellent service

“The customer service from Masatto was exceptional! Their team in Ireland went above and beyond to answer my queries and ensure a smooth purchase process.”

Sean Murphy / About Atlas

Remarkable product

“The Masatto massage chair is a great addition to my home. The quality of the massage chair and the advanced features make it an absolute standout in the market.”

Aoife O'Connor / About Polaris

Absolutely excellent service

“Absolutely excellent service from this company, there after sales is exceptional. Could not recommend this company enough. The massage chair we got for our mum in her nursing home as been the best spent money ever. It is comfortable and relaxing.
Thank you for all you have done to make her moving from one home to another painless, for servicing the chair. Excellent company please support them.”

Donna Brown / About Bionwell

“I recently purchased a massage chair from Masatto for my grandmother, and I couldn’t be happier with both the product and the exceptional service provided by Ami. From the moment we stepped into the showroom Ami greeted us with a warm and friendly demeanor, making the entire buying experience a pleasure.

Ami’s product knowledge and enthusiasm were evident as she guided us through the various options and features of the massage chairs. She took the time to understand my Nanas needs and preferences, ensuring that we found the perfect chair for my Nana.

The massage chair itself has exceeded our expectations & has helped with my Nanas aches and pains. It’s not only a luxurious addition to her home but also a source of relaxation and comfort for my Nana. The quality of the chair speaks volumes.”

Amela Kucuk

Well Worth the Investment

“Investing in the Masatto massage chair was one of the best decisions I’ve made. The health benefits and overall satisfaction it provides makes it well worth the price.”

Cian Gallagher | About Dominus

Efficient Delivery

“I received my Masatto massage chair promptly and in perfect condition. The delivery service was efficient and hassle-free, exceeding my expectations.”

Saoirse Kelly / About Maia

Visit Showroom

“Visited the showroom in Dublin, and the experience was fantastic. The staff, especially Amy was knowledgeable, and I got to test the massage chair before making a decision. It truly helped me make an informed choice. Thanks again Amy”👍

Niall Byrne / About Adara

Heavenly Massage

“The massage capabilities of the Masatto chair are heavenly! It’s like having a personal masseuse at home. I couldn’t be happier with the relaxation it provides.”

Siobhan Ryan / About Thai

Great Value for Money

“Considering the quality, features, and overall experience, the Masatto massage chair offers great value for money. It’s an investment in relaxation and well-being that I don’t regret.”

Muhammad Takhar | About Atria

Irish Pride!

“Thrilled to support an Irish brand! Masatto’s commitment to quality reflects in their products and service. The massage chair is a symbol of innovation and craftsmanship. Please support them”

Oisin Walsh / About Lyra

Therapeutic Benefits

“Experiencing the therapeutic benefits of the Masatto massage chair has been a game-changer for my overall well-being. It’s become an essential part of my daily routine.”

Michal Poloski / About Norma

Happy Family

“Our entire family enjoys the Masatto massage chair. The adjustable settings make it suitable for everyone, creating a shared experience of relaxation and well-being.”

Jack Wu / About Betria

“We have been looking for chair for our staff in the hospital and got in contact with Masatto and explained that we have received some funds to invest in our nursing staff. As our budget wasn’t high enough they offered to give us a chair that would suit our needs and they will cover the rest. Edgar delivered the chair to us and had a small training. Thank you Masatto team once again. “

The Divina chair changed my life

“I have serious back pain for the last 15 years because of an injury years ago. I had to go to my doctor twice a year and to therapists every 3 days depending if I was on foot a long time or not. Sometimes I couldn’t sleep because of the pain at night which then effected my focus during the day as I was tired. Someone recommended me to try a massage chair and I found Masatto which was in Dublin. I got in contact with Amy who showed me around the chairs that could help me and when I set in the Divina and tried the stretch option I couldn’t believe it. I could feel the tension of my spine just fade away and just with a 10 minutes of massage I felt incredible.

2 days after I got the chair delivered, installed and with training involved.  After the Masatto team left I used the chair straight away and after so many years I started sleeping properly which made my cry. I couldn’t thank Amy and the team enough of the service they offered from the beginning all the way to the end. I wish them best of luck and please don’t hesitate to contact them to help you.”

Liam Quinn /  About the Divina

Great Service

“The Masatto massage chair was a gift for my parents, aimed at providing them with a daily dose of relaxation. The service team ensured a surprise delivery and made the entire experience heartwarming. The joy on my parents’ faces was priceless.”

Katarina Jansen / About Zeta

“Lyra, is an honorary member of the family. It was love at first sight, the first test. It’s great in everything it offers: relaxation, healing, revitalization, spa, pampering to the max. Wow and what a goooooood sleep! Congratulations, Masatto and the entire team for the proven professionalism from the presentation of the products in the showroom to delivery and installation at home”

Carmen Trandafir

“Yes! A big YES! After a few hours at the office. After 7-8 km of walk in the park. But especially before going to bed, a relaxing 20-minute massage… Do you know how I get up from the Lyra? Like a sleepwalker, you see nothing in front of your eyes but the bed. And sleep, baby!”

Emil Grădinescu

“The massage chair… there are no words that can describe exactly all the feelings of DIVINE indulgence.
It really is a DIVINE hug and the first thought was: THANK GOD!
The second thought, immediately after the first thought: I DON’T KNOW HOW I HAVE LIVED UNTIL NOW WITHOUT THIS CHAIR?!
Everyone should enjoy the benefits of the Divina chair.”

“It’s a massage chair with a rejuvenating function!”

Mr. Stoica – Happy with Divina

“Good morning!
Maia arrived yesterday afternoon! 🤗🤗
Unfortunately my husband forgot the candy box 😔 and I apologize, maybe we can somehow manage to send it… It was a symbolic gesture for you and the team, for the kindness and professionalism given.
It filled the lovely living room and we hope to enjoy the “hug” and its benefits for a long time to come…
Thank you again for everything and all the best!
Ps: we will definitely hear / meet again.”

Mrs. Stemate

“The Tania massage chair, a pleasant surprise for loved ones.”

“The Masatto massage chair was a wellness investment for our family. The showroom appointment allowed us to explore its features, and the service team’s guidance made the decision easy. Now, every family member enjoys the chair’s benefits.”


“Purchased the Masatto massage chair to alleviate chronic back pain. The showroom appointment allowed me to test its therapeutic features, and the service team’s expertise assured me that I was making the right choice. The chair has been a game-changer for my health.”

“As a fitness enthusiast, I bought the Masatto chair to complement my recovery routine. The customer service team’s knowledge about the chair’s therapeutic benefits was impressive. It’s become an integral part of my post-workout recovery.”

“I purchased the Masatto massage chair for its relaxation benefits after a hectic work schedule. The delivery was prompt, and the customer service team’s friendliness added a personal touch. Now, unwinding at home is a blissful experience.”

“We have been looking for a massage chair for 2 years. We were looking for a beautiful aesthetic massage chair, but at the same time a chair that is worth the money. That’s how I chose the Zeta model from the Masatto company. We are more than satisfied. Thanks for the help team.”

“The stress of daily life led me to invest in the Masatto massage chair. The delivery was swift, and the team’s professionalism was evident. Exceptional service complemented the chair’s ability to melt away stress with its rejuvenating massages.”